During these grave times we see field hospitals going up everywhere: Central Park in New York, churches, gyms, parking lots and more. The COVID Supplies Database is our way of helping humanity in this time of need, its a simple inventory system that’s easy to use, comes pre-loaded with many of the items a field hospital could use and is much better than using a spreadsheet. This is our way of giving back during these challenging times. Individuals and organizations can use it on a Windows laptop to manage supplies wherever that may be – field hospitals, remote locations, places where Internet may not be available, anywhere.

Why did we pick Microsoft Access? For starters, its the world’s leading database system, installed on more desktops than any other database program in existence. At IT Impact, Inc. we specialize in Access and quickly put a team to work on this project, it’s a testament to the products ease of use that we were able to create a functioning system in just 3 weeks, where as a web app would have taken months, perhaps too late to help out in this pandemic. If you don’t have Access you can even install a free version called Access Runtime.

Powerful Features

  • We built this system to be very user-friendly. No previous Inventory Management experience is needed to easily keep track of inventory in a high-pressure environment.
  • You receive inventory in the system by creating receipts, allowing you to document when supplies were received.
  • Issue inventory using the Issue screen, documenting when inventory was sent out.
  • Order new inventory using the order form.
  • Quickly update existing inventory using the Inventory Management screen.

We hope this tool will help make our front-line workers’ jobs a little easier.  Please request technical support using our online form or give us a call at (773) 809-5456. We are here to assist!